We believe in the concept of Make in India . Being a Women Entrepreneurship, we employ more women , in all our departments.

We believe that our worthwhile investment has been on training our TEAM.

Our manufacturing unit in Hyderabad , employs women from the local villages around our unit , thus giving support to empower the upliftment of women . Situated in an industrial state, ours is the only Unit which is 80% managed by women staff and workers . We visit the local villages and conduct work shops on understanding self worth , thus encouraging them to find work . Once they join us, we train them to ensure health & hygiene , we teach them the packaging concepts , and encourage them to ultilize their time and self value to transform their lives. It builds their self confidence .

When you buy from us , you help to transform the lives of these women workers and encourage us to pay back to the society and do our bit to change the lives of others . The wages paid by us , helps them to educate their children and have better living conditions . 

In other words , buying from us , you are doing your bit in bringing joy to the lesser-previleged women , inturn building better families and happier homes.